Former President Donald Trump recently expressed concerns about the impartiality of the judge presiding over his upcoming “hush-money” trial in New York, attacking the legal official only a day before the beginning of the ex-president’s court date.

“Judge Juan Merchan, perhaps the most highly conflicted Judge in New York State history, only gave us a short period of time to read and study hundreds of thousands of pages of documents that D.A. Alvin Bragg illegally hid, disguised, and held back from us. Of course, and as the Judge knows, we need far more time than that,” Trump wrote in a post on Truth Social on Sunday.

“They could have started this Fake Biden Trial many years ago, not right in the middle of my campaign for President, and time would not be a problem,” the former President added. “This is a blatant and unprecedented attack on Crooked Joe Biden’s Political Opponent (who is leading in every poll!), done in close coordination with the White House, that cannot be allowed to go forward!”

Former President Trump followed up with another post lamenting his legal tribulations, characterizing these cases as politically motivated and carried out at the behest of the Biden administration.

“I’ve got 8 Biden cases (lawsuits!) going on at one time,” Trump wrote. “They want to take money I would use for the campaign, and my time. Never been done before in our Country. Crooked politicians and corrupt prosecutors and Judges. November 5th is the most important day in the history of our Country. WE WILL WIN! MAGA2024”

The case, which is set to begin with jury selection on April 15, has been a focal point of contention, especially concerning the volume of evidence.

Prosecutors under Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg reportedly provided Trump’s legal team with over 10 million pages of documents, including witness statements and financial records, between May and July of the previous year.

Trump’s lawyers, seeking additional time to review these documents, requested a 90-day extension, which Judge Merchan denied. Amidst this backdrop, Trump’s legal team has repeatedly highlighted the challenges posed by what they perceive as prejudicial media coverage influencing potential jurors’ perceptions.

Trump’s critique extends beyond the trial’s timing and document disclosure issues. His legal team has also accused Judge Merchan of bias, citing his daughter’s professional connections to Democrats, including President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Source: Resistthemainstream

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